Sharing the passion from the days of eating and sleeping at the Hanoi University of Technology’s electronics laboratory, where all three former Robocon members in 2008 designed their first products, the desire to create Made products in Vietnam.

The first project on the manufacture of converters from 24Vdc to 220VAC quickly failed when the capital was tight and market experience was limited, not to mention China. suffuse. “In the difficulty, the wisdom”, drawing experience from the first project, determination to the end, desire to create products Vietnamese brand to serve the Vietnamese, Lumi Vietnam was born in that context (27 / 4/2012) with the first product is the smart home solution.

If the aesthetics, luxury priority is the quality is vital. So far, Lumi’s smart home solution has undergone dozens of variations, constantly improving and refining, during which the Lumi team of engineers is supported by experts from We supply the world leading components such as USA, Japan, Netherlands, Taiwan, Singapore …

  •    Texas Instruments (Mỹ) – Microcontroller Supply
  •    Fair Child(Mỹ) – Cung cấp diode, transitor
  •    Panasonic(Nhật) – Cung cấp tụ điện áp cao
  •    Vishay Semiconductor (Mỹ) – Cung cấp diode, transistor
  •    NXP Semiconductor(Hà Lan) – Cung cấp Transistor
  •    Songchuan(Singapore) – Cung cấp Role

From the beginning, Lumi Vietnam has identified its own direction. Focusing on the middle and high end market segment, Lumi’s solutions bring outstanding utility to customers by its simplicity and ease of use (with only 1 to 2 days of construction regardless of old or new construction. new, no chisel) at a price of only one third compared to similar solutions on the market.

The launch of the Lumi Vietnam brand was a great success with the attendance of Mr. Hoang Van Phong – Consultant for the Prime Minister – Former Minister of Science and Technology

After nearly 6 years of continuous efforts and development, until today, Lumi Vietnam has 85 agents nationwide and one official distributor in Australia ( -soon). Lumi Vietnam is the first company in Vietnam to receive the CE certificate – export standard to European countries and UL certificate – is exported to 104 countries around the world. Currently, Lumi’s products have been exported to six countries in the world: Thailand, Australia, India, Laos, Cambodia …


Being the first unit in Vietnam in the smart home market to obtain CE certification – export standards to European countries

The trust of partners and thousands of customers using Lumi’s touch switches, smart switches is the most compelling testimonial for the Lumi smart home solution. Lumi Vietnam has been selected as a smart home solution provider for many large projects nationwide: An Khanh, Mandarin, Spendora, Time City, Royal City, Water Mark, ThangLong Number 01, Ecopark , River side Long Bien, Congress Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Golf Course Operator – Flamingo Dai Lai …

With nearly 25,000 houses completed, dozens of projects are underway and contracted, Lumi is proud to become the most popular Vietnamese brand in the smart home market in Vietnam. Only from 25 – 70 million / apartment or 40 – 150 million / adjoining villa that you own right home, modern, luxury, European class, price only 1/2 solution to enter. in the market.

Please contact us at hotline 0904.665.965 to become the next owner of smart technology and enjoy the complete life of modern and comfortable home solution Lumi Vietnam brings.